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XT Dancing Ring - SOLD OUT




A wonderful trick inspired in the "Dancing Ring" from Dick Zimmerman but with a revolutionry system made by Xavier Tapias

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Just when you think you have seen all the ring and rope routines, along comes XT Dancing Ring.


Based on a presentation idea by Dick Zimmerman, master craftsman Xavier Tapias offers a unique approach to Zimmerman's effect. Visually uncanny it remains easy and unique in handling. An amazing parlor routine that will amaze your audience.

In addition to a regular linking and unlinking sequence, the ring floats on top of the rope! Your audience will delight in watching the rope tie itself around the ring.
Included with your set is a step by step instructions, ring, rope and the special gimmick by Xavier Tapias.

Keep in mind when ordering that this is not a close-up routine.


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