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Crossing Barriers


Xavier Tapias' new level crossing system with barrier is all the rage for its cleanliness and smooth movements.

Quantity: Available quantity : 5



The system is easy to install on any fixed model train. It connects to any transformer that generates between 5 and 12 volts of direct current. The barriers are activated either by pressing buttons on the control panel or by an automated system through two included reed switches.


The traction system between the barrier and the servo is invisible to the eyes of the viewer, giving an unrivaled sharpness of movements and an extremely realistic finish on the smallest scale, having nothing to envy from larger scale systems.


The contents of the box are:


- Two articulated barriers

- One nano servo with clip attaching to the dash

- An electronic board for programmed servo movement

- Traction system for movement between barriers and servo

- Two pushh buttons and two reed switches.

- Instructions


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